In 2002,  we recognized an opportunity in the roof and exterior cleaning
business. Just look around, you can see the need for roof and exterior
cleaning everywhere.  We also recognized that there was a void in
qualified professionals to serve the current and future demand for this
Our goal was to develop a best-of-class, state-of-the art roof and exterior
cleaning business.  Initially we went to the market place seeking  
functional equipment and knowledge.  What we found were many broken
promises, equipment that did not  perform and unsound processes.  We
concluded, in order to achieve our goal, we would need to invest in
development of our own technology, equipment, solutions and
After nine years of perfecting the Yellow Duck Roof and Exterior
Cleaning System we are making this best of class, state of the art roof
and exterior cleaning system available to you.  

Randal Matz
Yellow Duck LLC
Our Core Values
  • Glorify God in everything
  • Excel in Service
  • Exceed our customers, expectations
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A World of Opportunity
A World of Opportunity